Giants they were huge with physical strength

There were banished for rebellion

They made their way through without remorse

Took our women by their hair

And begat giants who begat more giants

To them we were tiny ants with no colony

They came to our women Enchanted by Beauty and lust for labia

Suddenly women became victims Through the pain of birth and mating

Then God became angry and arouse in fury with operation sweep the earth many were ignorant they made merry and perished

Few were saved our ancestors


After decades they returned

Disguised as merchant but mercenaries they were who traded fellow humans mostly women and children

They were bound by chains with limited space

They milked their cows warm their beds

While their wives wore rainbow colored dresses they wore rags

Until Negro seeked freedom

They set us free but still kept contact

What a joke this is


Now there are here again But not in Big size

Huge things they say now comes in smaller packages

They grab a rib each from our rib cases

Even from unborn Men

They took them in groups

Now most of them who left flowered are now dis-flowered

Now most of them are mothers of unborn Bastards

Now they are being used as weapons of an arousing war

Hidden under holy gears

They defile temples and disfigured our religious face

GOD!!!don’t stay silent as your work is been destroyed


Save us from this Nephilims


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