I Had one chance and one opportunity, to seize everything I ever wanted, for a moment.

I couldn’t cash it, my palms were sweaty, knees weak, and arms heavy. At this time I was nervous, I didn’t catch it, I let it slip.

The crowd eyes were wide and their clamor of disappointment loud, the crowd were choked off my silence and me choking on their murmuring

I can’t remember the words I wrote, my mouth was wide open but the words won’t come out.

I didn’t make the shot not even a sound, I was angry I didn’t make it but I won’t agree, though I knew I couldn’t have it again, You never get a second chance for a first move.

I snapped back to reality, time was up and the opportunity gone I stood still like a bald eagle and was lead out the door.

My time fled and I was left to the noise of the symphony of the crowd booing in distaste.

You only get one shot towards an opportunity, the second is luck because it only comes once in a lifetime.

The only time when you own the stage don’t ever let it slip away, like grains of sand.

Never miss your chance to blow unless its worth it.

But if you lose don’t shut down push hard and create your own ”OPPORTUNITY”

Live your life like a wine that has no vent, which is ready to burst like a new bottle filled with Hot Water.

Become the truth, be the wisdom of the fallen be a proof of greatness, word hard, pay dues and transform pressure to treasure.

I fell twice before even more I didn’t give up, My bounce back was special.

Treat critics like tissues use and dump.

Don’t give up! I didn’t give up then I ran out of breath but I got stronger.

Now I’m free to be the best I can be.

Freedom is the only war I fight.

For we are stars fashioned into flesh and bones.

We are islands excuses to remain alone.

We are moon being controlled by the pull of another to love and be loved.

So see the world in a grain of sand, End in an hour.

And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold in firmly in the palm of your hand.

Be positive do more than others expected from you, And do it in Pain not because you’d get paid.

Loose, Yourself!

It doesn’t matter how slow as long as you don’t stop, keep moving.


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